The Republicans want to kill the health care bill.  They want to strip kids from their parent’s coverage.  They want to eliminate affordable coverage for people who have lost insurance along with their jobs.  They want to put a cap back on the amount of coverage your health insurance will have to pay.  AND, they want to put exclusions for pre-existing conditions back into effect.  Those are just a few of the benefits to which you are entitled under the new health care bill.  They don’t just want to kill health care, they want to kill you.

Thirty-two million more Americans without health insurance and an increase of 230 billion dollars in deficit are predicted to be the result of repealing the health care bill— just announced on NPR.  The Republicans, of course, deny that.  Add those thirty-two million to the already fifty million uninsured and we get over 80 million people uninsured.  We have about 310 million people in the U S according to the “World Clock.”  Of those, about 13% are over 65.  That would be about 40 million people.  Since they are all covered by Medicare, for the moment, that means that the 82+million people uninsured in the US would constitute over 30% of the population under 65.

And, they want to kill Medicare.  They are, therefore, the very death panels that they tried to scare everyone with.  Every other developed country in the civilized world covers their people with “the government option.”  We, on the other hand, have employee based health care, which (mis)functions while people still have benefits where they work.  However, when old people retire, they are lucky to even get their pensions, much less get any health care coverage.  Therefore, old people have no coverage except MEDICARE.  Old people?   Fraq’em if they can’t take a joke.

Are you laughing yet?  If not, you better make your voice heard while you still have one.