By Matar Mohammad

It has been two months since the formation of democratic peaceful movement of Bahraini people. A movement whose leaders and supporters are seeking democratic and legal demands such as establishing a representative and elected government, press freedom, government accountability toward citizens, increasing parliament members’ authorities, releasing political prisoners, and participation of all layers of society in state administration.
However, the Bahraini regime has taken steps toward suppressing people’s movement and arresting the leaders instead of meeting their demands.
During the recent weeks, Bahraini authorities have taken terror policies including mass arrest of the political and civil activists, dismissing workers and students attending in demonstration, overnight breaking into political activist’s houses and kidnapping their women and children, torturing the detained political activists and possibly secret burial of the deceased political activists in prisons.
Along with those actions, Bahraini authorities have summoned GCC security forces to help the government oppress the uprisings.
From the other hand, presence of the mentioned forces in Bahrain has infuriated Bahraini people because they consider it as clear evidence for occupation.
All these issues are happening while the events in Bahrain are facing an extreme news censorship by regional and global media. The world’s great powers also have remained silent.
Regarding the above, we, as a group of Bahraini citizens residing in London along with a group of European human rights activists, request humanitarian citizens of Europe and America, journalists, civil activists, human rights defenders, and all other humanitarian coalitions and organizations to take critical humanitarian measures by helping democratic movement of Bahraini people and supporting their legal demands. We ask for wide news coverage of the latest developments in Bahrain.
Please send this information to all your friends and civil coalitions so the world hears the outcry in Bahrain.