The biggest key to reducing the deficit lies in understanding how it got there. Basically, the United States started an illegal war, actually two if one classes Osama bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center as a criminal Act as opposed to a war. Wars are between “nations.” W took this as an excuse to attack Afghanistan. These wars are what have cost us trillions. The only things our fighting produces are more terrorists and broken U.S. soldiers.

Our government has a responsibility to do things like insure a good public education, facilitate commerce, maintain public health, etc. In addition, we have been warring on Iraq, Afghanistan, more recently Pakistan, too. Now our government is looking for ways to reduce the deficit. There are people who say we are spending too much to take care of our old people. I suppose one could say that. I say that we are spending too much on war. We are killing people and breaking our soldiers. Twenty soldiers have killed themselves at Fort Hood this year. Four of those took place in one week. And, how do we care for these breaking soldiers? From today’s N Y Times…

Cynthia Thomas runs the Under the Hood Café, an organization of antiwar activists and veterans who provide referrals for soldiers to mental health professionals. She said a stigma remained among soldiers about seeking help from Army counselors for suicidal thoughts or other mental problems. And those soldiers who do seek counseling are often given medication and put back on duty, she said. “You don’t get counseling, you get medication,” Ms. Thomas said. “These soldiers are breaking.”

The easiest way to solve the deficit, stop producing new terrorists, stop breaking soldiers, and start rebuilding THIS country is to start cutting the defense budget. If anyone in this country thinks it is our mission to nation build, they can start HERE. It is that simple.