I despair for this country.  The rich keep getting richer and things like Arizona refusing to pass on Federal money to the unemployed through extended benefits keep happening to the poor.  The republicans keep going after the old people because even if some old guy swings a rake or something, he won’t hurt anybody.  Take away Medicare.  Kill Social Security.  Pass more tax breaks for the rich and their corporations.  Gut Medicaid and end unemployment benefits.  Everyone knows that the only reason people do not go back to work is because they are sitting in front of the TV, collecting unemployment.  End public education because it isn’t any good, anyway.  At what point down this path are people going to stop talking about it on Facebook and decide that something must be done?

We can’t fund another public works project but we can spend $10,000,000/day dropping bombs in Libya.  We are locking people up without trials.  We are torturing people.  We have a president that says he wants to help the people but his attempts have been feeble at best and meanwhile, the beat goes on.  More foreclosures, but now the banks are choosing only the homes they think they can sell.  Elizabeth Warren is still not head of the new consumer protection agency.

WTF, when are the rocks going to fly?