There is a rally at the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. The banksters want to change the law to avoid having their criminal actions prevent them from reaping the benefits of their crimes.

The banksters were starting to lose to a few attorneys who were pointing out that the banks didn’t own the loans and therefore didn’t have the right to foreclose and that the banks had committed fraud and violated the Truth in Lending Act by changing the terms in the pile of documents which are signed at closing. This illegal change of terms resulted in the payments increasing dramatically which is why so many homeowners suddenly could not afford to make the payments. When these problems were raised in court by a handful of courageous attorneys, a few honest judges decided to follow the law and prevent the banksters from stealing some homes.

In order to avoid this, the crooked attorneys who represented the banksters started filing false returns of service of process in cases in which they knew a successful defense could be mounted. Banksters even used these criminal tricks to get foreclosure judgments on property that was not even subject to a mortgage. However, that pattern started to be noted, and the Florida Supreme Court passed two new rules to make sure that homeowners knew that a bank was coming after them before a sheriff’s deputy showed up to evict them. These new rules required mediation prior to filing a foreclosure action and sworn complaints to initiate foreclosure actions.

Since the banksters don’t like to have to play by the rules, they did what they have become accustomed to and asked some of their bought and paid for minions in the legislature to change the law to give them free reign to steal homes.

For more information on the attempt by the banksters to get away with taking property without having to bother with even going to court, see Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act  an analysis by Carmen Dellutri, Esquire.

For more information on this issue and the rally, see this article.

If you want to know how those in government get away with violating our rights and ignoring our wishes and how those who can improperly influence them get away with lots of crimes, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? and don’t miss my 18 minute speech.

If you take a look, you’ll learn why they get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

I’ll be at the rally, and I plan to ask some tough questions especially since there is evidence of criminal conduct associated with this.

Spread the news and stay tuned for more information about the banksters’ latest scheme and the “news” media’s efforts to make the public think that it is a good idea which naturally includes treating the public like mushrooms. You know, keeping them in the dark and feeding them BS.

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