Rahm Emanuel’s close ties with a private consulting group leads to smearing Chicago teachers


The corporate fascists will stop at nothing to assure they can break the backs of working teachers in Chicago and elsewhere.  Using astro-turf groups and false propaganda, in February 2012, Resolute Consulting, a group with close ties to Mayor Rahm Emanuel paid protesters to smear Chicago Teachers Union at public meetings.

Watch this clip and then watch the full 24 minute documentary “Chicago Teachers Union Vs. Astroturf Billionaires” available at http://www.CTUnet.com/AstroTurf.

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Dr. Danny Weil is an investigative journalist, author and public interest attorney who practiced public interest law for more than twenty years and has been published in a case of first impression in California.He now lives in Ecuador.

  • Sincere questioner

    Danny, you must have the highest ratio of words blogged to accomplishments made in the history of the internet. Does any of your endless drivel ever accomplish anything? Those of us who are productive members of society want to know.

  • weilunion

    Yes, thank your for noticing the work I do. Does the drivel accomplish anything? Good question. Well, it got a cretin lik yourself to actually post a comment so it must have some effect.
    But anyone who understands history knows that it is incrementalism that leads to radical changes. I would muzzle myself for you but we just don’t know each other well enough so until we drool on the same pillow, you will just have to either read the drivel or ignore it.
    As to productive members of society, you would have to define what ‘productive member’ meant, then give examples, then give evidence, then enter into points of view that do not agree with you to reason from their premises to their conclusions and then self-reflect.
    That is hard stuff. Easier to follow orders as a ‘productive member of society’.
    Stay in touch for readers love to se this kind of commentary for it gives us evidence for the claim we live in a post literate society.