Do you have a better citizen response than demand for arrests of OBVIOUS crimes of US “leadership” centering in war and money?

Now’s the time to voice it, if you care to participate in upgrading a human condition of endless wars, debt, and lies.

Russell Brand interviews and writes for “revolution” in response to a corruptly coordinated political system where it doesn’t matter if the Left or Right arm of one fascist body is elected. He calls for “genuine alternatives,” such as Bucky Fuller’s engineering options for a world that works for everyone with no-one left out (and consider resource-based economics).

Almost three years ago, I wrote Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, criminal economics, for Americans to lawfully revolve/turn from OBVIOUS crimes of US “leadership” centering in war and money. I reframed this in early 2012 to Why Occupy? A government/economics teacher explains.

My contributions to our lawful turn from 1% crimes focus on three areas:

  1. Explain, document, and easily prove how US wars are not even close to lawful; in fact, my colleagues and I are unaware of any published argument to support legality, and welcome any attempts. Importantly, all “reasons” for these wars were known to be false as they were told, following a long history of official war lies sold to Americans and our soldiers. The closest crime to describe causing unlawful attacks on our military is treason.
  2. Explain, document, and easily prove that what we use for money is debt (and here) created almost exclusively by privately-owned banks. This “debt supply” can only increase aggregate debt, and can never be repaid without destroying what we use for money. Government commits massive fraud by failing to fully disclose central facts and options about money. The good news is that technical solutions are abundant, beginning with Ben Franklin’s documentation almost 300 years ago how colonial Pennsylvania operated its government through public credit and no taxes.
  3. Corporate media, including our textbook publishers, “cover” these crimes through lies of omission and commission. With just a little attention, their “reporting” and “history” are easily seen as propaganda for oligarchs who annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

To end these OBVIOUS crimes and lies, I propose that obvious criminal leaders be arrested (and here), whistleblowers brought forward under a Truth & Reconciliation process, and solutions for peace and prosperity initiated.

The arrests will happen after sufficient public “emperor has no clothes” recognition of these crimes and lies. Those in military and law enforcement will quickly enact legal authority to arrest obvious criminals in “leadership” because it’s only ~1% of humanity who reject ideals of truth and justice.

Question: Do you have a better solution than arrests to end OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money?

If you do, now’s the time for your voice.