The Washington  Post, formerly owned by Donald Graham, just published a story on how for profit hospices are ripping off Medicare , but the story neglects to mention  that former  owners of  the Washington Post  (especially, grimy Donald Graham) own a hospice company (Celtic Health Care).  Yep, Mr. ‘point and click’, the owner of Kaplan University a sub prime college, is now on the for-profit hospice care circuit.
This man and his corporation are shameless.  They continually seek to prey on the young and then when they have sucked the juice out of youth abandoning them in debt, they go after the old and disabled.  A society where the young are handcuffed and the old are trampled, indeed.  Of course you will hear how much your interests lie in their Wall Street privatization plans but of course this is not only nonsense it is offensive.
For those of you who are interested in how the for-profit, subprime hospice care scam works and what is being and has been set in motion for your ‘Golden Years’, you might wish to take a look at the following sites.
Again, no mention of Donald Graham, the wealthy heir of the Washington Post Empire who broke the back of the Post forcing it into a fire sale through his illicit oversight of the practices of the notorious, serial cancer-debt school, Kaplan University.
If you are familiar with Kaplan University and their practices you should then be able to make room within your mind for how terrible the hospice care racket is and will be.
Anything these one percenters can get, they will.  From selling organs to selling phony diplomas to selling rancid on-line ‘health care’.  Celtic Health Care is just the latest of these for-profit misery centers.  Donald Graham never misses a beat!  But be sure he is not alone.  There are millions if not billions to be made in health care and ‘on-line’ hospice and dying are now monetized as are people needing care.