Ken Anton’s 2013 novel, Popsicle Man (and here), communicates essential human history to bring readers to our present Orwellian state of unlawful and lie-started warslooting fraudulent bankster economics, and propagandistic corporate media.

The novel follows 26-year-old Felix, revived in our world of the present from cryogenic freezing just after the Vietnam War. Felix is horrified to discover that Americans have devolved from the lie-began and unlawful Vietnam War his generation fought to expose and end, to an expanded lie-began unlawful global war on another “ism” (communism to terrorism) that was rapidly crushing civil liberties (and here) and imploding the US domestic economy to accelerate dictatorial control.

Felix’s adventures include central human angles of:

  • a powerful and business-successful sister who can’t see the corruption Felix describes because her success has been the result of genuine work and playing by the rules.
  • an aging mother who agrees with Felix that this corruption extends at least back to the US Great Depression.
  • a lover who appreciates Felix’s heart, but never considered a coordinated corrupt system until she looks for it in the 2008 financial crisis from the perspective of a professional working with insurance contracts.
  • fellow patriots struggling to discern objective facts from corporate media propaganda, and how to respond to escalating government destruction of American liberties and prosperity.

Felix develops an effective approach to escalating economic and civil liberties crises:

  1. Have neighborhood meetings to cooperate for local real-world concerns.
  2. Brief neighbors on national events and relevant histories (like here and here) and inviting their participation at local and national rallies for restoring the US Constitution, ending the Federal Reserve debt system, and ending the unlawful US wars.
  3. Assisting groups to work together for a March on Washington D.C.

The story progresses much as we observe in the real-world: oligarchs in money, government, and media advance psychopathic tactics for control. The story reveals that despite protagonists’ disappointments in being rebuffed by vicious government and media lies, every vicious oligarchic action results in waking-up more Americans to the truths in front of all of us.

Because the oligarchs only escalate their lies and crimes, America’s’ fate in the story is our own: a question whether enough Americans recognize OBVIOUS crimes in war, money, and media, and demand arrests of OBVIOUS criminals.

Ken provided the following for this article (links are mine for helpful background):

“Overwhelming Influence of the Mainstream Media

“One of the dominant themes running thru Popsicle Man concerns the power of the mainstream media. Beyond spreading lies and propaganda, they influence in more subtle, yet more destructive ways by controlling our frame of reference and our very cognitive processes. This presents our biggest obstacle to understanding reality.

“A conspiracy of Banking Dynasties took control of the monetary systems in the UK and the US by means of autonomous central banks. Naturally they don’t want people looking too closely at their nefarious plots so they label ‘conspiracy theorists’ as people to be shunned. Such is the power of the media, that they can establish parameters for acceptable behavior. And the masses who want to be accepted by their peers tend to conform.

“The book is a journey, and hopefully the reader will be inspired to follow his own quest in search of the truth. From the Rothschilds’ acquisition of Reuters in the late 1800’s to JP Morgan’s control of the top 25 NY newspapers in the early 1900’s and the Rockefeller acquisition of radio and TV broadcasters, while others established the movie industry, there is a very clear pattern. In the 21st century, just 6 large conglomerates control 90% of all facets of the media and these 6 are majority owned by the Banking Dynasties and their cohorts.

“Realizing this state of affairs should shock most cognizant people and motivate them to question everything disseminated by the media. The Internet also requires rigorous scrutiny.”

Kenneth Anton

Author, Popsicle Man