The numbers of US citizens murdered by the police is large and the numbers are growing since the 1990s. According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics 2007 report, from 2003 through 2005 at least 2,002 people died during arrests by local and state law enforcement. The number of arrest related deaths actually increased by 13% during the course of the three years studied. In the 1990s the ‘Stolen Lives Project’ researchers documented over 2,000 deaths at the hands of the police. Those who are killed by the police are mostly young Black and Latino men. These numbers underestimate the total number of people murdered because they don’t include stastics from law enforcement agencies such as a the FBI, Homeland Security, or immigrants killed by border police, people killed by police in car chases or people killed by guards in jail or prison. No matter how blatant the killing Cops are almost never charged with a crime. 

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System Gives Police “A License to Kill”

-Bill Gibbons

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