Prescription data mining is allowing the pharmaceutical industry to discover what doctors are and are not pushing their drugs.  Big Pharma spends $8 billion dollars just to send those cuties to your doctor’s offices to pimp their drugs.  You know the ones.  They are those young, very attractive cuties, with the big suitcases who slip in to see the doc while you sit in the waiting room for yet another 20 minutes.  Big Pharma spends $8 billion to pimp their drugs to the docs so those docs will prescribe their new, very expensive drug instead of the generic.

The problem is that, on the other side, you have your insurance company saying they won’t pay the pusher’s price for those new drugs.  Who pays for the $8 billion dollar fight?  You do, of course.   A single payer, that has the ability to negotiate with big Pharma would immediately reduce the high cost of medical care by $8 billion dollars AND whatever the single payer would be able to bargain down the $$ of the drugs.

I am caught in the middle of one of those fights right now and I cannot tell you how glad I am.  Had my insurance not balked, I might not have looked so closely at this drug.  VERY INTERESTING this drug is.  It was originally developed by 3M as a 5% cream.  In late 2006, Graceways Pharmaceutical purchased 3M pharmaceutical.  When Aldara’s patent expired and became a generic, Graceway changed it’s name and reissued the identical drug as Zyclara with 3.75% of active ingredient.  My insurance refused to pay for this drug unless I first tried Aldara.

Here are a couple of the testimonials to Aldara:

Per Richard Beasley…

“Today, over four years later, I now have (for 24 hours a day) dry-eyes, stomach pains, deteriorating hearing loss, Fibromyalgia, Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, headaches, lesions in my mouth and scalp, unbearable joint and muscle pains all over, fatigue, excruciating headaches, eye pains and blurred vision events, and highly increased rate of skin cancers.” [Reference]

Per Elaine Hollingsworth…

“I foolishly used Aldara, and it didn’t kill my skin cancer, but it nearly killed me, leaving me with a damaged immune system.” [Townsend Letter Article by Elaine Hollingsworth]

Needless to say, I pass.  BUT, big Pharma is still data mining and pimping their drugs.

I know of a doc in Atlanta who has decided to be a “Concierge Physician” to the elite.  Before he did, however, he prescribed a brand new drug for a condition that has been around as long as we have.  I had tried a few samples and said yes, I want that drug.  I did not know that the pharmacist was going to ask for $100 above what my insurance was going to pay for a month of pills.

I called my nephew, who is a good, family practice doc in another state, and asked him what he prescribes for this disease process that has been around as long as we have.  He told me, I got a prescription, and as I was digging into my wallet, the pharmacist said, “That will be 72¢, please.”

A single payer with the power to negotiate with doctors, hospitals and Big Pharma would dramatically reduce the high cost of health care.  Oh, and the elite are welcome to those high class pushers.  I really hope they enjoy them more than I did.