This past week, Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) did a brief overview of Project Censored, the thirty-two year old media research group at Sonoma State University, in a year end review segment. In October, Project Censored released its annual review of last year’s top censored stories. Additionally, on December 6th, Project Censored was honored as a recipient of the prestigious PEN Oakland National Literary Censorship Award for 2008. Despite the significance and longevity of the Project, it is still mostly ignored by corporate media.

From FSRN, “We’re closing out 2008, and the New Year brings, as always, top ten lists of the bests and worst and what’s in and what’s out. Our look back at the year comes from Project Censored, a media research program that bridges advocacy and academia to shine a light on the 25 most underreported, ignored, misrepresented, or censored stories from the year. FSRN’s Tanya Snyder has more.”

The FSRN report about the Project can be heard here and information about the PEN event can be found at the PEN website. Director Dr. Peter Phillips will be in Southern California early this year for those in the area interested in learning more about media censorship in America.