by Rebel Fagin

      When Palestine announced that they would be seeking admission into the International World Court, Israel struck back with a vengeance. First they withheld over $100 million in Palestine’s tax money. This is 2/3rds of Palestine’s annual budget. Next Israel turned to the U.S., hoping their deep propaganda and powerful lobby, AIPAC, would spin facts in their favor. This twisting began with a lawsuit against the Palestinian Authority for material support of terrorists resulting in the deaths of Americans who held duel citizenship with Israel and died supporting Israel in its war of conquest. The suit had no basis in fact, but it did make Israel look like the victim and that’s the point.

            Israel’s role as innocent victim is reinforced daily in our movies, news, and education system. Here’s an excerpt from a state issued text book, Magruder’s American Government, a common text for high school seniors. On p. 494 one sees a photo of four Palestinian school boys in school uniforms, carrying books and walking on a dirt road beside Israel’s Apartheid Wall. Here’s the photo caption: “In response to terrorist attacks, Israel has begun building a barrier to separate Arab communities in the West Bank from the bulk of the Israeli population.” It makes it sound as though the West Bank is part of Israel and not illegally occupied land.

            Then there’s the Peace Process. On April 27, 1949 Israel signed a treaty to gain admission into the United Nations. One stipulation of this treaty was the recognition of Jerusalem as an international city. Everything changed following the Six-Day War. “Writing in The Jerusalem Report (Feb. 28, 2000), Leslie Susser points out that the current boundaries were drawn after the Six-Day War. Responsibility for drawing those lines fell to Central Command Chief Rehaven Ze’evi. The line he drew ‘took in not only the five square kilometers of Arab East Jerusalem – but also 65 square kilometers of surrounding open country and villages, most of which never had any municipal link to Jerusalem. Overnight they became part of Israel’s eternal and indivisible capital.’” This is what the U.S. backed Peace Process is all about. Palestine gives up land, Israel builds more illegal settlements, and the U.S. goes “tisk, tisk” while giving Israel more money. This isn’t a Peace Process, it’s a cynical Piece Process designed to facilitate Israel’s colonial expansion.

U.S. complicity with Israel is thick. If you support Palestine you may receive a visit from Homeland Security. If you support Israel you may get a tax write off.

In March of this year Netanyahu visited the U.S. After he left 47 Republican Senators sent a letter to Iran telling them that any deal with the U.S. was only as valid as its current president. Was this done in support of Israel? Could the $1,000,000 the pro-Israel lobby contributed to freshman senator Tom Cotton’s 2014 campaign have influenced events?

Members of Congress stumbled over each other to show who is the most pro-Israel. Last April, Senator Barbara Boxer, the liberal, proposed legislation that would allow Israelis to enter the U.S. without a visa. That’s no big deal as the U.S. does this with 37 other countries. We let them in and they let us in, except, not this time. Israel refuses to reciprocate. You see, some of these Americans may be Arab or Muslim. U.S./Israeli courtesy reinforces racism. Most sinister of all, Boxer’s legislation promotes Israel’s profiling of Americans of Arab and Muslim heritage who travel to Israel. The State Department’s Israeli advisory cautions: “U.S. citizens whom Israeli authorities suspect of being of Arab, Middle Eastern, or Muslim origin may be denied entry or exit without explanation.” “It’s stunning that you would give a green light to another country to violate the civil liberties of Americans traveling abroad,” one Congressional aide stated to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. I couldn’t agree more. Like other forms of racism, Islamaphobia must be relegated to the dust bin of history and certainly has no part in U.S. foreign policy.


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