I hate being right about the wrong things.  My history with Daily Censored only goes back to last October.  I have been screaming about how our foreclosure mess is ruining our economic comeback since 2007.  Finally the N Y Times is on the same page with its Editorial and its Op-Ed piece at the same time, while affirming what I have been saying for almost two years.  The problem is that it doesn’t matter anymore.  Two items that were firmly established during the Bush years have doomed the country.

One of those items is the machines on which Massachusetts’ voters cast their votes for senator last Tuesday.  One election commissioner I spoke with proudly proclaimed that they used the “Optech Eagle III” device.  The loss of a senate seat will allow the Administration to officially blame the Republicans for their failure.  The other item is the stacking of the Supreme Court with conservatives.  If you had any doubt, just look at the results of their recent decision to allow corporations to officially take over the government.

The problem is that we do not need any more excuses for failure.  What we need are successes.  However, given the two above-mentioned items, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.  In addition to that, our country is now being hijacked by tea-baggers.  There was an article, in the last week or so, about how “Tea-baggers” are forming a grassroots movement to organize in every precinct across the country and it seems to have disappeared from the NY Times search engine.  Remember Smarmy (Dick) Army?  He is the head of Freedom Works that founded the Tea Bag movement.  Its idea is based on a reworked, old plan he had worked on with Newt Gingrich.  The plan, “Contract with America,” was a disaster for the U S government.  The Tea-baggers have great plans for the country.  They have formed a third National Party, planned a convention, and selected Sarah Palin as their keynote speaker.   Are you afraid yet?  You should be.

We will not be able to properly respond to our economic crisis.  Banks will continue to exploit the poor and middle class, while attempts to rein them in have the administration and the Treasury working at cross-purposes.  In the mean time, the middle class is being flushed down the toilet, while the banks continue to award themselves for screwing us.  I am sorry folks.  There is NO good news.  I hate being right about the wrong things.