A couple of days ago I watched a news clip of an African country in which in one of their cities a playground was being torn down and in its place a multi-million dollar development constructed. Many residents marched, and yes, had their signs (let’s remember, signs even if they’re on cardboard carry a message for all to see), and on one of those signs it was written, “Occupy Playground.”
    Over a year ago I went to a party celebrating the closing of San Onofre Nuclear Plant. I met a young Japanese student who spoke faltering English and was involved in the Fukushima disaster along with his many young friends. I asked what they were doing to effect change. He thought a moment and said that they had Occupied a building in the prefecture whose responsibility it was to address the government’s interpretations of the issues surrounding Fukushima.
    Yes, Occupy is a movement, not a political party. It confronts issues and resists the unconscionable atrocities of government and corporations. Each person who embraces this movement is free to decide his or her own choices in elections on candidates as well as issues.
    More and more our media is focusing on the street demonstrations arising throughout this country and the world, and more and more the number of these is increasing in multiples.
    One reason is because we are faced as never before with the dire consequences to our planet because of global economics and political ineffectiveness as we continue down the same paths we’ve routinely become accustomed to in not addressing the environment, the failure of the capitalist system, the placing of profits above people, the prostitution of our elected representatives and media, and the march towards WWIII because we won’t confront these issues radically.    
    Would these demonstrations worldwide (Japan, Spain, Greece, Bahrain, Palestine, Egypt, Korea, Nigeria, Australia, New Guinea) be gathering together the hundreds and thousands and even millions of participants if it weren’t for the Occupy Movement or the Arab Spring or any other catalyst that presented a visible means to rise above the restrictions placed by Police State Governments, including the US, on their demand to the end the insanity of blind repetitive political sink holes going nowhere endlessly?
    One can speculate but example is a powerful force especially when that example brings thousands and hundreds of thousands into the streets on any given day. And let’s remember that in order for those larger numbers to have emerged, small groups of determined citizens, numbering sometimes eight or nine, but with passion, conscience, and persistence, did the menial work of standing on corners and in plazas with small signs awakening and alerting those driven by only their own immediate economic needs and failing to see the larger picture.
    Would Ferguson have risen up if the example of others had not emboldened them and strengthened their convictions with the possibilities of being heard and demanding some accountability?
    Because this is the meaning and ramifications of a movement. Small beginnings increasing in size and strength leading to forces so large and so united  that all the walls of resistance from the Controlling Moneyed Interest becomes powerless.
    The Occupation Movement was an outgrowth of the realization that the dominant political parties in this country have become so beholden to campaign finance largesse that they no longer listen to their constituencies, only the ka-chink, ka-chink of corporate bribery.
    Haven’t you noticed in the drive towards getting elected, politicians tell the American People they are going to do this and that and lay out litanies of what’s wrong with this country, and its systemic failures.
    Of course when they are elected, all the rhetoric changes, the lemmings fall in line with their handlers within the Congress, but more especially those hiding behind the corporate cash registers.
    This is the path of political compromise. The vast majority of them fall in line for fear of being ostracized by their own party or marginalized. They must adopt the corporate agenda as laid out by their party if they are to get anything for their voters back home. But once that first step is taken of caving in, that member of Congress becomes a certified member of the Corporate-Congressional brothel, and every act after that only moves him or her up the chain of special placement at the grown-ups table.
    There have been some notable exceptions, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney comes to mind. But they had ways of eliminating her, with messages sent to the self-choosing prostitutes that the same will happen to you if they acquire a conscience.
    Or if there are particular issues that have become the third rail (suicide) of politics, like criticizing Israel (for let’s remember Congress has become the Occupied Territory of Israel),  power in Washington supercedes the needs and the desires of the 99%. Prostitutes cannot serve two masters.
    Even Jill Stein in running on the Green Party platform held her tongue ignominiously regarding that third rail and the Palestinians paid the further price of her dodging her responsibility to human rights and justice.
    Many within the Occupy Movement were urged to get on board with her in running for the presidency as her stated positions coincided with the movement’s. We did not. Instead, and morally so, by not embracing the once again sell out of politicians in order to play ball with the big boys, we maintained a position not for sell because maybe in the give and take of back room dealings we might get a crumb.
    The world is precariously tipping over the precipice. It’s far too late to continue the charade that compromise with the 1% will turn things around. It’s, pure and simple, nothing more than incremental suicide.
    At least the Occupy Movement understands this and presents a face of radical revolution to a situation that is dire where no longer can one work within the system  to prevent the collapse of it all.
    And within the Occupy Movement I include all the environmental groups, anti-war activists, anti-capitalism proponents, anti-political corruption institutions. You name it. They are the Occupy Movement. Their concerns are all of ours. They will not be heard if we dilute our strength through anything less than principle.
    No, not one crumb to the 1%. It’s time to turn around the paradigm. We have been the crumb recipients far too long and the earth, our economic survival, and obligation to place human needs above corporate profits have reached a point of no return. It’s either wrest back true democratic control of our planet or become just another species gone extinct through its own foolishness and lack of engaging our own responsibilities.
    Many will disagree with my assessment. Yes, the Occupy Movement as well as the Arab Spring has diminished in visual effectiveness to some degree. But only on one level. An idea is still germinating and possibilities are growing throughout the world.
    In small cities and villages, the baton has been passed, and the emerging stalk of a new path to follow is shooting up through the din and weeds of decaying systems. 
    Along with many other organizations and movements the realization has become that our survival and future depends on eschewing the political manipulations and compromises that have sold us down the road in the first place.
    The time is now. The political game must be eliminated. Let the 1% who now own almost half of the world’s wealth (48%) step aside, and let the real adults who realize wealth is not measured in worthless paper but in the richness of relationships of people non-competitively working together to save the planet, let the real adults get on with an undertaking never before confronted by the human species on this planet.
    The Movement must stand above any Party.