Of all the laws to know, when war is lawful or criminal is arguably the most important.

Of all the lessons of history, the sacrifices of all our families through two world wars for the legal victory that strictly limits nations’ use of war is arguably the most important.

Teachers and professors could end criminal US wars by teaching the 99% this one law and this one history lesson.

War law only allows for self-defense; similar to the law for you and me on the street. This article walks you through this one simple law, and the facts of current US wars that prove they are not even close to lawful. It also shows that we now know all “reasons” for war were known to be lies as they were told. The law embodies the history that legally ended war, a victory the 99% can reclaim through enforcement of existing law.

This article provides expert testimony that current US wars are not close to lawful.

This article series shows the criminal history of the US over the last 150 years to break treaties, lie, and kill to control territory and resources.

Criminal US wars today kill millions, injure billions, and cost trillions of our dollars. The criminals are the 1%’s “leadership” in government, military, and corporate media. The 99% are recognizing these crimes, will arrest the criminals among the 1%, and create policies that maximize the benefits of life for 100% of humanity.

Do your part.

Live into this future.

This is what you’re here for.