Michael Collins

Tuesday night, President Obama took the road most traveled for presidents of the United States over the past six decades.   He expanded an occupation that began as a military action to catch bin Laden and the rest of those tagged with planning the 9/11 attack.  They needed to be busted and brought to justice.  They also needed to be questioned in order to get the names of all of those behind the cowardly attack.    Now we find out that bin Laden was allowed to walk away after  being  trapped at Tora Bora according to recent Senate testimony.

President Obama forgot this history.  He forgot the promises that we would avoid nation building.  He forgot the U.S. involvement in creating a Muslim extremist jihad movement and the role of that movement in the destruction of Afghanistan.  He forgot to mention that the opium trade has gone on for years now, uninterrupted.  He also forgot the recent history of election fraud that installed the Karzai government.  Most tragically, the president failed to heed the advice of a loyal U.S. Ambassador, General Karl  Eikenberry, who provided Obama a “Get Out of Jail Free” card on November 11.

Now we hear Obama’s grandiose speech based on selective history, used to justify more war and more losses.  Obama now owns the war in Afghanistan just as he owns the torture facility at Gitmo.  There’s no logic to it from a national perspective, just indifference to the people and common sense through blind loyalty to the myth of our ultimate demise, American Exceptionalism.

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