Days after President Obama stated he was not going to scramble jets to catch a 29 year old hacker, Bolivian president Evo Morales’ plane was diverted to Vienna, Austria after France, Portugal, Italy and Spain closed their air space to the plane. It widely believed the US initiated a “lock down” of air space because there was a suspicion that whistle blower Edward Snowden was on board the plane. But he was not.

This action violated international law and the sovereignty of Bolivia . Meanwhile the US continues to refuse to extradite Luis Posada Carriles who is wanted in Venezuela and Cuba for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, despite The US’ alleged commitment to eradicating terrorism.


In 1944 The US and Swedish governments collaborated to initiate a program to rescue Jews in Hungary. Raoul Wallenberg led the Swedish mission to rescue Jews in Budapest. Wallenberg issued “protective passports” to thousands of Jews, identifying them as Swedish subjects awaiting repatriation. Wallenberg rented buildings and declared them Swedish territory subject to diplomatic immunity. Up to 10,000 Jews were housed in these buildings. This included future US congressman Tom Lantos.


Incredibly the Germans respected the “protective passports” and honored the diplomatic protection conferred by them. Apparently the Germans understood respecting the sanctity of diplomatic immunity and asylum was in their own self interest.


In addition to the Morales plane incident, the failure of the US to respect diplomatic immunity and the right to political asylum includes the revocation of Edward Snowden’s passport without due process, and the refusal to respect the political asylum granted to Julian Assange and allow him safe passage to Ecuador. The US is now engaging in conduct which even Nazi Germany refrained from engaging in.


The US has persuaded a number of countries to collude with it in its campaign of unlawful conduct, including Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Sweden and France. Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appears to be collaborating. Moon recently released a statement criticizing Snowden’s conduct while saying nothing about the US’ illegal spying or the unlawful diversion of Morales’ plane.

A report by the Guardian also seems to confirm suspicions that Sweden and the UK are colluding with the US to unlawfully render Julian Assange, among other things. On July 5, 2013 the Guardian reported;

Britain has blocked the first crucial talks on intelligence and espionage between European officials and their American counterparts since the NSA surveillance scandal erupted…Britain, supported only by Sweden, vetoed plans to launch two “working groups” on the espionage debacle with the Americans.


Sweden has gone from issuing protective passports to provide asylum for Jews in WW II, to collaborating with the US to obstruct the legal asylum granted to Assange by Ecuador.


If there have been acts of treason, they have been by war profiteers such as Booz Allen (and their collaborators in government) who promote espionage and conflict as a lucrative business. Booz Allen obtains about 99% of its revenue from the government and up to 70% of the NSA’s budget goes to private contractors ( Snowden is likely being hunted down at the insistence of these contractors because he has exposed their nefarious business practices and in doing so has threatened their lucrative franchise.

And while the mainstream media blames Snowden’s disclosures for damaging relations with other countries, they ignore the fact that it is the Obama administration’s spying which has damaged relations.


Obama’s legacy now includes indefinite detention, targeted killings, prosecuting whistle blowers, spying on journalists, rendering Americans stateless, refusing to respect asylum, violating the sovereignty of other nations, and mass surveillance of much of the globe. Such a track record of unlawful conduct should be a justification for a war crimes tribunal. But with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon in bed with Obama, this is unlikely.