Dennis Loo writes on the World Can’t Wait website that President Obama’s Department of Justice has pressed the Court of Appeals to rule that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay torture Camp are not ‘persons’ and they are not entitled to the rights of ‘persons’ and that if the Court does find that they are indeed ‘persons’, then the US officials who ordered and carried out torture should be immune from prosecution. The Court of Appeals agreed with Obama.  The President has allowed Conditions to become worse at Guantanamo Bay even though he promised to close the camp down. Rendition (secret abduction torture flights) are continuing under Obama. The President has reserved the right to go beyond the Army Field Manual regulations with regards to harsh interrogation techniques being used in secret prisons across the globe by the United States. He made a famous statement that the AFM doesn’t’ preclude torture and allowed his regime wiggle room to go beyond the manual regulations when he wants to. The Manual does not adhere to Geneva Conventions anyway. President Obama has stated that prisoners at the Bagram Base in Afghanistan don’t have Habeas Corpus rights to challenge their detention. This is a position to the right of the Scailea/Thomas/Alito/Roberts Supreme court and the Bush regime. Despite rhetoric made in speeches, Obama continues the policy on detainees of indefinite detention and no legal rights. For a person who campaigned on the idea of ‘change’, President Obama’s empire agenda is really a dark force of oppression around the world and at home.

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-Bill Gibbons

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