Last week President Barack Obama delivered a much-anticipated speech in Egypt, which the Administration hoped would mark a change in world perception concerning US foreign policy. Obama changed some of the rhetoric of George W. Bush to make his policies seem more appealing to a skeptical world population. The President quoted the Qur’an out of seeming respect for Muslims, but he has sinister plans to continue policies of mass murder and oppression of people the US is waging war against in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Obama tells the people of Palestine that violence is a dead end but State violence on a much more massive world scale by US forces in the region is beyond question according to the most powerful person on the planet.

You can read this critical article by Nima Shirazi, ‘Obama’s Cairo Speech, Part I: A New Beginning or the Old Hypocrisy?’ from the World Can’t Wait website by clicking on this link:

For a more thorough, broad analysis of the Cairo speech and Obama’s plans to defend and extend America’s wars, and to justify Israeli domination; as well as the President’s distorting of the History of Black people in the US and a comparison of two supporters of the speech who make up an odd couple; progressive Phyllis Bennis and the ultra-reactionary David Horowitz, please click on ‘A Speech of Lies To Enforce A System of Oppression’ from Revolution Newspaper:

Bill Gibbons

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