My heart does not go out to the Republicans who are complaining that people are upset with them.  They are children, whining that things are not going their way.

“My town halls are being disrupted by Democrats,” said Representative Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, whose meetings have been peppered with complaints about Republican policies. “They are apparently being sent to us to do just that. I am not sensing the general public is angered over Medicare reform. When I explain that people over 55 are not affected there is almost a sigh of relief.” He added, “I am not going to do anything different.”

They remember the Tea Baggers who interrupted the campaigns of their fellow Democrats.  There is, however, a critical difference now.  This is not a campaign and Lou Barletta does not just represent Republicans.  Rather, as a legally(?) elected Representative, he also represents Democrats  Those people who are complaining have every right to be there.  Moreover, they have every right to be upset.

At least in Pennsylvania there is a legal means of recall if the voters are upset enough.  In Florida, state, county and local officers cannot be recalled.  The Florida governor might wake up some morning and find a Sarah Palin survey marker drawn over his picture.  So things could be worse.  If Representative Barletta doesn’t want people to complain about what he is doing, perhaps he should listen to them first.