Claim: Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald E. Graham tells Newsweek Staff he’s putting the company up for sale. Donald Graham is the son of former Chairman, the late Katherine Graham.
Likely: Graham is shutting it down in 4-5 months unless they find a buyer. (How often do companies just announce a sale like this without a buyer?)

Graham added, “If anyone should take the blame for this ending, it is me-for not seeing early enough and reacting in the right way to the changes that have come to our industry.”

Mr. Graham is an incompetent publisher, ipso facto. However, the Post board should take the blame for using nepotism as the criterion for selecting this publisher. After three years on staff with the Post and no distinction of note,he was elected to the board. Two years later, in 1976 he became GM and three years after that publisher. His accomplishments: a massive conflict of interest in 1994; appointing his college pal, a lawyer, as publisher in 2000 and his cousin in 2008; failing to tell the truth on Iraq/Bush Co … and… driving the Post & Newsweek into the ground.

All because he was the spawn of the previous publisher. Such a deal!