Seemingly out of nowhere a new anti-abortion group is running a national campaign on college campuses. The images this group present are frightening, disturbing, and infuriating. The Center for Bio-ethical reform CBRMidwest@cbrinfo.orga seemingly unheard of group, appeared on Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza early Monday morning with photos and leaflets to confront students with what it calls its “Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). This is part of a well-funded national campaign that will be traveling across the county.

The same organization appeared on other California campuses as well. Their mission, they state, is to “create debate,” and “our main purpose is to discipline others to save lives.” The anti-abortion, anti-woman protest group exhibits a large display of bloody fetus pictures, which are more sensational than informative. The photo displays compare abortions with Nazi genocide and lynching in the Old South; they also target President Obama. The centerpiece of their display is a picture of Mario Savio, to use “free speech” as their cover to attack reproductive rights for women. The participants are made up of dozens of “disciples” complete with their own “documentary film crew.” The anti-abortion demonstrators were met with resistance from progressive and revolutionary protesters.

Berkeley students from the Gender Studies Department joined together with the National Organization of Women, as well as protesters from World Can’t Wait and Revolution Books to face off against the Genocide Awareness Project in Sproul Plaza. The pro-choice activists formed a line and locked arms chanting “Our bodies our choice,” for hours to defend women’s reproductive rights against the fundamentalists. A movement that bombs clinics and shoots abortion providers is incendiary, dangerous and fascistic. The GAP and the Pro-Life Institute are part of the same anti-abortion movement which has been terrorizing clinics and which murdered Dr. George Tiller by gunning him down in his own church this summer. The Genocide Awareness Project wants to end women’s ability to control their own reproduction and even abolish the use of contraceptives. Those who support the dignity and humanity of women cannot find common ground with religious fanatics. The Genocide Awareness Project’s grotesque videos and photographic displays are completely unscientific lies that need to be stood up to by people of good will. For more information about confronting the Genocide Awareness Project click on: