Secretary of State, Mr, Magoo, alias John Kerry, was unsuccessful in establishing a truce recently between our murderous Evil Twin, Israel, and the Palestinians. Makes you wonder who controls who. Is our 51st State the marionette master and the US taxpayers their fleeced puppets?
Made me think about some of our past Secretaries and what an abysmal lot they have been as they parade around the world attempting to dictate our will upon everyone else. I guess that’s where we get the term “exceptional” from as relating to us. Everyone except us has to tow the line. Very convenient.
The other day someone in something that I read referred to Hilary as the “We came, we saw, he died” secretary. The ‘he died’ reference was to Muammar Qaddafi. Now if that isn’t the ultimately exquisite expression of American foreign policy, I don’t know what is. Caesar only said it better and more succinctly_veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. Hilary left us with those words and an affected giggle. You have to respect Caesar since he did his own fighting. Hilary just manipulated others to do it for her.
Condoleeza Rice, with her vulture-like dark eye sockets and pinched anal retentive personality, welcomed us with the “We cannot wait for it to appear in the form of a mushroom cloud” on our Sunday morning news entertainment broadcast where the Corporate Enabling Media pull out all the stops to allow corrupt government propaganda disseminators to ply their trade.
And what was she referring to? An atomic bomb being developed by that evil dictator, who was once Our Man in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein. What else would scare the bejeezus out of us and drive that part of the American population to burn the Constitution in a second if it meant that they could watch their Dancing with the Stars not thinking about incoming intercontinental missiles armed with multiple nuclear warheads. Oh, please, Condi, please, please, make it go away. We’re so close to finding out who the finalist will be.
And Colin Powell, beloved Colin, who can forget the day he delivered the Evidence before the United Nations that took this nation to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, subsequently in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, and Syria. And the price paid: an economic depression, trillions of dollars of borrowed monies, and the forced fleecing of American social services, schools, clinics, research institutions, infrastructure, etc.
Holding a vial of sarin powder in his hand, and with animated pictures of evidence…you know we should have spotted the fakery right there. Something as lethal as sarin powder being waved around a hall of diplomats and CARTOONISH pictures of WMD mobile units depicting reality. Guess our government patriarchs thought we weren’t grown up enough to even view the real McCoy.
And where was our media, our Fourth Estate, questioning, probing, investigating, and reporting back to the American People, not the Bush-Cheney administration?
Well that answer might lie in the recent reporting on Malaysian Flight MH17. By some stroke of ingenious investigative reporting, they had the entire case sewn up even before all 16 of our intelligence agencies had weighed in, even before an objective, international investigation had commenced.
All they had to do was listen to the Pepsodent smiling president, with judicious demeanor and carefully weighed statesmanship, accuse Putin and Russia of murdering nearly 300 human beings aboard that plane.
They took their cues and got the presses rolling with what the Russians used to call Pravda-the truth…The Communist Truth but in this case the American Truth.