Senator John Rockefeller is one of the fellows who has introduced a bill to establish an arm of the executive branch to be called ‘The Office of National Cyber Security Advisor.’ It would be like an office of Homeland Security for the Internet and would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic supposedly to protect Americans against threats to Internet infrastructure. All the Commander and Chief has to do is declare a cyber security emergency and he can shut down or limit Internet traffic all in the name of national security. The bill also grants the Secretary of Commerce access to all relative data concerning critical networks with out regard to current laws and regulations restricting access. The bill’s scope might violate Constitutional protection against searches without cause because the Commerce Department could use evidence of illegal activity it uncovers against a potential defendant in a court of law. These proposed broad new powers are angering civil libertarians.

You can read the article in ‘Mother Jones’ Magazine by Steve Aquino by clicking on this link:

-Bill Gibbons
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