University of Phoenix employees, former employees, and students continue to speak out about the unethical conduct of this corporate school.  Here are some recent entries at  Here. One can find many grievances not only about UoP, but about for-profit swindling colleges and universities in general.

In Latin America they call these for-profit dungeons “Garage colleges” (   We should to and shut them down as they are in Ecuador and elsewhere.

So where is Obama and the Department of Justice under Eric Holder?  You can answer that.

Anonymous3508, Thursday 01/23/14 22:05:44 UTC

As a former manager for University of Phoenix, I can tell you first hand that managers are coached to find ways to fire people.

We were taught by our director to “give reviews based on a “curve” and our gut feeling rather than the employees actual performance. We were also coached to document every single little thing so we could build a “time line” of events for problem employees. Our director would have us write someone up for one thing and then immediately turn around and issue a discussion memo or written warning following it so it would get them closer to a termination rather than writing it all up as one coaching session. His favorite thing to do would be to have us tie their low performance to a competency and write them up for that. If they were great all around at the job in general, but maybe lacked in dials, he would have us tie it to a competency and hand them a discussion memo or written warning. Out of the few companies I have worked for, this one by far takes the cake for shady practices when it comes to firing employees that pose as a danger or threat of exposing them.

Wake Up, Friday 01/24/14 02:03:04 UTC

All these complaints

The school sucks The so Called leadership sucks The students (at least a large portion ) should not be in school If you as an employee worked there for a month you would have a clear understanding that this is about getting access to federal funds with a promise to educate. The University go the money and clearly has not educated to a meaningful level If you are a former employee you are glad to be out of this place If you still work here then you should wear your I am a Phoenix shirt and Red “interview” socks and Flash mob your ass off until you find another gig or get the axe. ps How long will it take for Larry Fitzgerald to get his degree? Damn Larry its Phoenix not a real school.

Anonymous3525, Friday 01/24/14 02:36:36 UTC

Go to the HLC and expose these fraudsters

@3511-this kind of strong arm management dirty tricks might be ok in a bank environment but not at a school that takes 86% of its revenue from TitleIV, taxpayer money to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. This MUST stop. Call the HLC today and tell them about how management uses boiler room tactics to get more numbers from their employees. Tell everyone on this board how you have been treated. Why do you think they have adopted a school service model? School of Business School of Nursing etc? They wish to give the appearance of change but it’s all an illusion. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Anonymous3536, Friday 01/24/14 05:44:16 UTC

3508-UOP manager tells the TRUTH

Management play dirty tricks lying manipulating and threatening employees with termination should they question the universities motives. UOP management is at best schtoopid and at worst diabolically criminal.