Michael Collins

Paul said “it’s all good” and that was enough for Eric who called the Senate meanderings on health reform a “Jaw Dropping Political Deal.”  Such a deal!  Let’s give Paul Krugman and Eric Alterman the benefit of the doubt by assuming they didn’t know that their breathless reporting was all based the constructs of Harry Reid (D-NV).

Harry has a florid imagination.  He invented something called a “Medicare buy in” which allowed those 55 to 65 to buy into Medicare … at full cost, $7,600 a person.  Medicare is, of course, a government funded program.  How do you “buy in” to a program that is government funded?  You can’t if you’re paying full boat.

The Senate Democratic leader tossed out another stinker.  Instead of a “public option,” now whittled down to nothing, Reid said the Senate bill would “extend” the Federal Employee Health Benefits plan to those 55 to 65.  Again, instead of the government paying the lions share for members, the Reid version is paid for entirely by citizens at a cost somewhat higher than current private insurance rates.

Krugman said the word from the Senate on health reform made him “happy.” Then Alterman said, “If Paul Krugman is happy, I’m happy.”  Did either of them knew it was all about Harry Reid’s private language versions of Medicare and federal employ benefits that had nothing to do with the real world version of those programs?

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