Glenn Ford of the “Black Agenda Report” says that President Obama is waging a phony fight for public relations purposes in the media verse the insurance agencies. Ford says it’s really a sham battle and the issue has in actuality already been decided. The insurance companies gained the biggest prize in 50 years, forcing even poor people to buy private medical insurance and if they don’t purchase medical insurance they will face terrible fines. Obama is only pretending to put up a fight to deceive the American people that he has good intentions.

In the election Obama promised comprehensive and affordable health care to every citizen including the 47 million people without medical insurance. But when he came into office after seven months his concessions to medical insurance companies and drug companies are so glaring that the White House has to conceal the details of what is health care plans are really about from supporters because he doesn’t dare tell those who are organizing for his healthcare reform the details of his exceptions and bailouts for Insurance agencies. No longer is there talk of a public option, now the administration just mumbles about a purposed health co-op.

If you think about it health care should be a basic responsibility of society. In a system where profit is at the heart of what rulers and regulators are trying to do then people don’t have a right to get their medicals needs met. There are 45,000 unnecessary deaths in America because people don’t have health insurance. And the for profit system of health care also means that many people who do have medical insurance who are treated in hospitals and doctor’s offices die needless deaths because of malpractice and poor treatment from doctors too busy to spend the necessary time with patients. Hospitals have become fleecing centers for the vulnerable. The Health care industry is a sector for investment in the America system, designed around the desires of financiers. The goal is not the health of patients but profit of those at the top.

President Obama is a great deceiver, promising one thing out of one side of his mouth while working against the American public and working for the giant fat cats at the top of the pyramid of power. His job is to save Capitalism for the elites.

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