Claude Chabrol died. From the obituary of the French filmmaker who was born on June 24,1930…

“Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none.”

Thoughts about today…

Announcers, who speak or talk for a living, are very disappointing.  They make up words and are too lazy to pronounce simple words.  “Disincentivize” instead of discourage, “fur” instead of “for,” “gonna” instead of “going to. “   My most  favorite is getting rid of irregular verbs because people are to lazy to learn them.  I thinked people used to know the word “thought.”  Now I don’t think people have them any more and it is most certainly seldom practiced as a verb.

It was suggested that making the game safer is discouraging attendance at NFL games.  That it can cost $400 to take a family to a game or paying $10,000 for a seat license that does nothing other than guarantee to allow you to by a season ticket are not really  acknowledged as a possible contributors to the decreased attendance at NFL games.

“If I am gonna come out, this is the goodest time to do it.”, he said, a soldier for 5 years, who was outed when a text message was discovered on his cell phone.

The former vice president’s firm, one that profited from your and my U S Tax dollars, known as Halliburton, moved its headquarters to Dubai in order to escape U. S. regulations and U.S. taxes.

One of the things I am puzzled by is that most of the “Pro-Lifers,” who oppose abortion at any cost, are in favor of the death penalty.

Back in the Sixties,we had about 3 billion people on this earth.  We are now over 7 billion people, on our way to 9 billion by 2027.  This doubling occurred in my lifetime.  The tripling will most certainly occur in yours.  Ehrlich wrote the Population Bomb in 1968.  With all that much warning, why must we live it today?   Billions of those will live in Africa—You know, from where all those pictures of starving children come.

People are worried about genetically manipulating what few salmon we have left in order to make them grow faster.  Face it, to feed the growing world population there must be a few trade-offs.  Or, we could give Jonathon Swift’s, “A Modest Proposal,” another read.

How can the “recession” be over when there are still so many people suffering?