Most taxpayer’s of the golden state believe in California politician’s good common sense, in theory, but some how they can’t apply it to your daily lives, their failures are recorded every millisecond on the state budget meter as a constant reminder, something is radically wrong at the state capitol … REMEMBER ME

Who am I, I help build first class state of the art prisons that create more than ten percent of the states general fund, that goes to corrections, tax payer’s spend more tax dollars on prisons than on all the education and university systems combined, according to a recent study, the average starting salary for a teacher is nearly $45,000, these facts indicate that the problem will only worsen in the coming years …REMEMBER ME

I’ve disappeared into the dark recesses of prison, don’t worry, during count time a guard illuminates me with his flash light three times a day in my dark cell to reinforce my reality, I am never lost in prison, as my family and friends have run out of patience, out of hope, or past on from illness, or old age on their way to a new begging erased out of my life with no hope of redemption they would see me return a better person than the past person I had been … REMEMBER ME

In 2022, my net worth in prison is under the Three Strikes Law, will be staggering $1,300,000 dollars, if that didn’t outrage you, did any of you politician’s happen to mention, the total cost of housing prisoner’s serving time under the “Three Strike Law” amounts to $500 million dollars of hard earned tax dollars a year… WHY REMEMBER ME ?

I truly believe understanding and challenging your personal opinions on these issues, since the U.S. Supreme Court decided it wasn’t cruel and unusual punishment to lock- up a man for 25 years to life for shoplifting golf clubs, Justice Scalia asked advocates of the Three Strikes Law in that case, “ when can the people of California say enough is enough”?, you got what you voted for, as well as the law being constitutional; what the taxpayer voter’s should now decide, is $500 million dollars a year being cruel and unusual punishment to your pocket books for every petty offence Three Striker…WHY REMEMBER ME?

The mentality of the taxpayer voter’s of this state have to be ready to fit within the desired change, necessity, versus waste, as voter taxpayer’s you should be outraged again as you were in 1994, that your tax dollars have continued to be wasted on this failed policy Three Strikes Law, by understanding and challenging your personal opinions on this issue, has your investment in prisons, and the Three Strike Law backfired into creating problems larger than those it set out to solve? …


As I approach my fifteenth year in prison while I languish as a prison fixture until my earliest possible parole date in 2022 in a maximum security prison so far removed from the reality of the free world I watch change so radically as to be unrecognizable, I have a question for all California taxpayer voter’s, please be honest with your selves when answering this question I present, it is your truth is where the answer lies. WHY REMEMBER ME?

In 1994, you the voter’s of the golden state were ready for a revolutionary new change in the law, why was this? Allow this question to be relevant to whether you, the voter’s of the Three Strikes Law, has this law, in your life, in your communities, at a taxpayer cost to you of $50,000 dollars and inmate for shoplifting two AA batteries, a magazine, and broken car window vandalism per year, made you any safer from these really scary crimes? WHY REMEMBER ME …

I am dumbfounded, over sixteen years, taxpayer’s know about the Three Strikes and your out law, but really don’t know what your paying for?. Think about fourteen years of my incarceration at $50,000 dollars a year, now  I am guilty, again, of first degree murder of your pocketbooks at $750,000 dollars fourteen years later of hard earned tax dollars for the mere breaking out of a car window, I indemnified the owner for his loss, the judge thought that didn’t stop it from being a crime  and sentenced me to 25 years to life. WHY REMEMBER ME? …


Pleasant Valley State Prison, Coalinga CA