The BBC is trying to get comments from their people in Egypt this a.m.  Their communication is repeatedly being cut off.  Mubarak is gone, but look who is in place—the military.  The military was a close ally of Mubarak for thirty years.  I understand what the demands of the people over there are.  They were fed up with the conditions that are exactly as they are here. The have an elite that has accumulated 90+% of the wealth of the country and the rest are tired of scrambling for crumbs.  Sound familiar?

Will the people who have been running the government acquiesce to the needs of the people?   Will they actually reshape the priorities of Egypt to better take care of the people? Will they restore the standard of living to a more equitable distribution of wealth?  Maybe, but I doubt it.

Where are we headed?  The GOP is clamoring to return to a time when the insurance companies held us hostage for health care.  They want to return to the time when the insurance companies raked in huge profits while they denied benefits, caped payments, or simply told their insurees to fraq off.  The GOP is clamoring to gut Medicare, Social Security, and all the regulatory agencies that are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the quality of our educational system, our food supply, our water, and even the air we breath.  Our military, on the other hand is not even seriously considering real cuts.

Our ability to vote has been co-opted by the very machines on which we cast our vote.  Our media has been purchased by the corporations who have also purchased our government.  What can we do?  Nothing.  We can’t vote them out.  We cannot demonstrate in the streets and we certainly cannot revolt. For so long I have been hesitant to even suggest the possibility.  What folly.  The war is already over. They have won.  Our “President for Change” has called for a budget that eliminates aid to the poor that would help keep them warm in the coldest winter of record.  It’s over.