The fight is incredible and it is over plastic bags in the stores- namely grocery stores.  I do not mind bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  Even though  plastic bags are recyclable, a huge number of them end up in our oceans and the results are not nice.  If you are really interested, there are a variety of NPR programs re the health of our oceans that discuss plastic.  Suffice it to say, it will really help our world if we stop using plastic bags.  Another good reason is that plastic bags are a petroleum product.

Of course, this ban will have to extend to the little, plastic, air-filled pillows that are used by Amazon and other shippers as product cushions for shipping.  That brings us to styrofoam peanuts.  I am hoping that will be the next ban.  In the meantime, I must rethink my life.  I can’t use paper bags from Trader Joe’s to line the garbage cans because there isn’t any Trader Joe’s around here.  There will be a charge for them, anyway.  Those big garbage bins are going to get a lot stinkier when they are full of loose garbage, like old fish and chicken wrappings.

I can manage all those changes, but one thing that will require some major thinking will involve what to do with the kitty poop I scoop out of the litter boxes twice a day.  Those grocery bags are just great for that.  I can’t put the poop onto a newspaper and roll it up because there is not a newspaper available here that I would want to read.  Forget the New York Times, the closest one is about 35 miles away (one way).

Yes, forget what we are spending on Iraq and Afghanistan, or what we are not spending on health care or job creation.  The mystery to solve today is whatever will I do with kitty poop.