November 29, 2009 - 10:00 AM

The following story provides more evidence of the economic and fraudulent wake that is enveloping public schools throughout the nation through the Trojan horse for privatization called ‘charter schools’.  Do not be fooled, for all over the US the havoc wrought from a decaying social fabric is being exposed for what it really is!

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota

State Charter School Program is out of control

State charter schools program is ‘out of control’

St. Croix Preparatory School’s Executive Director Jon Gutierrez prepared to cut the ribbon that ceremonially opened the school’s new building on Stagecoach Trail North in Stillwater in September. To the left of him is school board member Carroll Davis-Johnson.

Junk bonds fuel a building spree, but schools are more crowded, insiders are taking fees, and state regulators can’t do much about it.

Minnesota’s charter school movement, which sparked a national rethinking of public schooling nearly two decades ago, has been infected by an out-of-control financing system fueled by junk bonds, insider fees and lax oversight.

State law prohibits charter schools from owning property, but consultants have found a legal loophole, allowing proponents to use millions of dollars in public money to build schools even though the properties remain in the hands of private nonprofit corporations.