1-minute movie trailer here.

John Carter is a movie about inter-dimensional and shape-shifting aliens, few in number and near-immortal in lifespan, who manipulate willing “leaders” for endless wars. They portend to be legendary gods, and live for psychopathic esoteric domination. In the story, after they establish their control of Mars, “Earth will be next.” They are the hairless robed beings in the 1-minute trailer.

The protagonists must accomplish two objectives for their freedom:

  • have the planetary populations rise above contrived fear, hate, and wars.
  • recognize and reject the shape-shifters’ manipulation.

These beings are the inter-dimensional and shape-shifting “reptilians” that David Icke documents as the esoteric power behind human history. John Carter is a movie with a message: our real-world Earth, not a fictional Mars, requires accomplishment of the film’s two objectives for humanity’s freedom.

I have read David Icke’s book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, and found it valid in argument and compelling in documentation.

I attended David’s full-day public presentation, and reviewed it twice on YouTube. David begins with the “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes, control, and lies of Earth’s “1%.” He then documents just how far this history goes back and where it leads: the same kind of manipulative and parasitic beings portrayed in John Carter.

There is a “1%” that Occupy points to that live for psychopathic domination and use government “leaders” as their puppets. The facts of their crimes centering in war and money are objective, independently verifiable, and easy for anyone with intellectual integrity and moral courage to verify. The 1% includes criminal control of money and corporate media, of course; without money to pay their minions and lies to manipulate the 99%, their crimes would not be possible.

Recent US history is also easily verifiable as a pattern of similar lie-began and treaty-violated wars; that history is familiar. The deeper history David explains is also verifiable; it just takes more research and time.

John Carter portrays this history in entertaining fictional form; it’s an excellent artistic representation of what seems to be Earth’s real problem.