Illegals hold seven million jobs, according to the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.  Seven million Hispanics are paying taxes for services, most of which they will never get. One notable exception, education.  As education is paid by property taxes, these illegals pay for education, too.  If they have children, they are probably born here.  My guess, when they go to school, they try hard.  All the Hispanic children I have known have been exemplary students- students any community would be pleased to have.  One of the best nurses I have known was a first generation American who went to college in spite of her high school counselor.

Tired of hearing about all the lost jobs?  If congress was serious about lost jobs, the first thing they should do is pass a law that makes it illegal for businesses to contract prison labor. Instead of giving jobs to inmates, they should be given education that will give them a better chance to contribute to the economy when they get out.  This would also immediately improve the employment figures in this country, making millions of jobs available here and now.  This is something that Lamar Smith (R-Tx), that ranking member, should know.