On November 27th, 2011 ‘education’ writer, Jay Matthews of the Washington Post, wrote a defense of for-profit colleges.  One can only infer that his bosses, CEO Donny Graham and his sister Lally commanded Matthews to write the piece.  This is how the paper works:  journalists are tightly watched and their coverage must be in allignment with CEO Graham.  Matthews has been critical of for-profit colleges in the past but the hand that feeds him is, well, the hand that feeds him. So  much for political integrity and ethics.  Matthews should be ashamed and you can read his scribe at:


It is important to note that not only did Matthews do somewhat of an about face on this issue, but his article is full of lies.  For example, he states that for-profits do not suck up federal funds when in fact they do.  He also states that they provide opportunities for low-income minority students when the opposite is true.  Unless of course one thinks that a 24% graduation rate from Kaplan University is good for minority students.  Remember, they and others graduate with enough debt to afford a home, leaving them in debt purgatory for life.   The Phoenix University is even worse: their graduation rate is a whopping 9%.

As I have stated, these colleges are little more than criminal syndicates bent on fleecing mainly minority students.  These are racist institutions that capitalize on poverty.  They have no connection to education but prey on the unwitting who have been told, much like people werre told they should own a home, that a college degree is essential for success.  One only has to look at the unemployment rate among college grads to dispute this false claim.

To see more on lapdog Matthews and his mendacity, you can view the YouTube by the Young Turks at:


You might also be interested in the newest General Accounting Office’s report on fraud by the for-profit colleges.  This can be found at:  http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d12150high.pdf

Here is just one segment of the report which clearly shows that the for-profit college sector operates like a mafia:

“GAO’s students engaged in substandard academic performance by using one or more of the following tactics: failure to attend class, failure to submit assignments, submission of objectively incorrect assignments, submission of unresponsive assignments, and plagiarism. At 6 colleges, instructors acted in a manner consistent with school policies in this area, and in some cases attempted to contact students to provide help outside of class. One or more instructors at 2 colleges repeatedly noted that the students were submitting plagiarized work, but no action was taken to remove the student. One or more instructors at the 4 remaining colleges did not adhere to grading standards. For example, one student submitted photos of celebrities and political figures in lieu of essay question responses but still earned a passing grade” (ibid).

Sure, for each student is a dollar for the corporation.  Plagiarism is acceptable if it boosts profits.

As I wrote at Truthout.com, ‘You can’t regulate a criminal enterprise’.  As long as public institutions continue to raise the cost of tuition, we can expect the for-profit college racket to continue and indeed grow — both nationally and internationally.  As for the Washington Post, look for it to go broke soon.  The ‘paper’ is failing on all fronts and its stock is plummeting daily.  On November 29th, 2011, two days after the Matthew’s article, Standard and Poors lowered the Washington Post stock to close to junk bond rating (http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20111129-712827.html).

No wonder ‘Donny Graham’ sold millions in family stock within the last two years.  Insiders always know more than the rest of us and in this case the proof is in the pudding.  Seems that ‘Donny’ not only has run the paper into the ground with his support for criminal Kaplan, but he profited handsomely as well.  Ah, Katherine the Great would be proud of her larcenous son.