It can’t happen here: 91-minute video.

Larken Rose’s outstanding 91-minute video, It can’t happen here, walks the audience through a history of government propaganda through official rhetoric and media spin in order to manipulate public patriotism for unlawful wars and domestic tyranny.

American exceptionalism” is the idea that the United States is superior to other nations’ historical descent into fascism/dictatorship for imperialistic power because of US ideals realized through the American Revolution and the US Constitution. It can’t happen here connects the increase of US wars, propaganda, and destruction of individual freedoms to the history of how other nations lost freedom.

Those of us who see the 1%’s escalating unlawful Wars of Aggressioneconomic looting while reducing the 99% ever-faster to debt peonage (despite obvious solutions), destruction of American ideals and Rights, and perhaps literally a hundred other areas of equal concern for our future, are expressing as clearly, professionally, and powerfully as we can imagine to make this choice clear:

Humanity either gives love now for the success of all Earth’s inhabitants,


Humanity’s peonage to “emperor has no clothes” obvious criminals.

Choose wisely.