Is Obama Preparing for Martial Law?


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Is Obama preparing for martial law? All the signs say yes. Many prominent market analysts predict the US economy will collapse some time in 2013. They fully believe Americans will wake up one morning and learn the government has closed all the banks, as they have in Cyprus. When this happens, there will be long queues at cash machines - until they run out of money. With on-line transactions frozen, merchants will decline credit and debit card purchase. Customers with cash-in-hand will strip supermarket shelves of bread, milk, flour, tobacco and other staples.

This is the scenario currently being played out in Cyprus, following the extended bank holiday the government declared last Tuesday. The Cypriot banks are still closed. The moment the government opens them, all account holders with an ounce of sense will withdraw all their money. The European Central Bank has ordered the government of Cyprus to confiscate a percentage of customers’ savings accounts to help bail out Cyprus’s bank debt.

Similar laws are being considered in Italy and New Zealand. Many believe Greece, Spain, Italy (which still doesn’t have a government), and Portugal will go down the same road.

The US Debt Debacle

As Storm Clouds Gathering outlines in the following video, it’s a matter of speculation whether it will be weeks or months before the US economy unravels. The current US debt stands at $16 trillion. This is in addition to $86-123 trillion in “unfunded liabilities” (i.e. the toxic debt Treasury “bought” from the banks that were too big to fail). Added to this, is $1.2 quadrillion in private debt the banking system has incurred through derivatives trading (imagine bailing that out).

There is no possible way this level of debt can ever be repaid. This kind of debt bubble is like a pyramid scheme. When you run out of new suckers to pull in, the whole thing collapses. As in 2008, Obama is going to ask US taxpayers (and maybe people with savings accounts this time) to tighten their belts to save all the banks that are “too big to fail.” Something tells me Americans aren’t going to fall for it again, any more than their Cypriot, Greek, Italian and Spanish cousins have. It would seem Obama doesn’t think so, either. It sure looks like his administration is preparing for major civil unrest.

The video carefully compiles all the evidence suggesting Obama is preparing to enact martial law: the recent purchase by Homeland Security of $1.6 billion of ammunition and thousands of military grade armored vehicles, the leaked memo about the establishment of military internment camps and, most importantly, the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA.

The film proposes some intriguing options for addressing the imminent political crisis. Voting the bums out isn’t one of them. It’s far too late for that. However the filmmakers also make some cogent arguments why violent revolution isn’t a viable solution.



photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc

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Scanning my sector

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