Is Ferguson, Missouri, the test case for the enveloping police state that has been put in place by the Homeland Security and NSA apparatus of the Neo-Con 21st Century global world order?

If the Military-Police Apparatus can put down and control the civil liberties of the residents of Ferguson and the President-Constitutional Law Professor, Barak Obama, remains silent in the face of obvious violations of the Constitution beginning with the Freedom to Assemble to Address Grievances, than we are witnessing the first incident of just how the henchmen will be carrying out their orders from the 1%, down the line.

This is the test experiment that we all must become aware of and resist. A young 18 year old black youth shot down with his hands over his head and so far the community do not even know how many bullets were shot into his surrendering, unarmed body.

A crew of journalists with cameras and lights on tripods, who could see the police in the shadows a hundred feet away, clearly indicating that the police could identify them under their own bright lights, were fired upon with tear gas for the crime of Freedom of the Press.

Sniper rifles, stun grenades, tear gas, anti-mine vehicles specifically designed for the Iraq War, military helicopters hovering above with the whirling sound one relates to a war scene prior to a descent of combatants onto the ground below, are all visible for the nation to see in a small town in the middle of America. Hasn’t Hollywood already made at least a couple of B movies depicting this scene?

For years now under the dishonest pronouncement that all of this arming of American police forces is justified because of the war on terror, we have witnessed beginning with the Patriot Act and followed by the National Defense Authorization Act in which American Citizens can be arrested and detained without the most basic rights of due process, INDEFINITELY, by an arbitrary order of the president of the united states, the overthrowing of our democracy. Add to that the worldwide surveillance of all human beings by a hegemonic security state site in Virginia, and we have the makings of the perfect fascist state ever actualized.

1984 is blase. We’re into the sequel.

And by the way, when Obama exits the stage he’s acted on so well, and passes on the torch to the next servile politician who wants all the ego trips that go with that office, will he in the spirit of Dwight Eisenhower expose and excoriate the Homeland Security-NSA-Police Complex, warning us of its profound dangers to our democratic values? Don’t count on. He doesn’t possess that “Johnny come lately” character. And if you look at Eisenhower’s call out, well it hasn’t stopped this Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex by even a rat’s tail.

It has always been, outside of the labor movement of the early part of the last century, that our black brothers and sisters have been at the vanguard of confronting a state that seeks to control them, deny them their Constitutional Rights, and savage their communities with police forces that reflect that old tired divide and conquer tactic of racism.

They are out there again in Ferguson. And it is may be the Kent State moment in the seventies of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement where lives were lost to awaken a sleeping nation to the horrors of its foreign policy which eventually turned out to be the cause of death of perhaps as many as three million Vietnamese People and the brutal destruction of their environment through bombings and napalm.

But unless the Nation, that would be its People and not its representatives in Congress, step up and stand by the enraged residents of Ferguson, we are doomed as a democratic People.

So many of us thought when they relieved the white police chief of Ferguson of his duties and installed a black police chief that a solution had been found. But as the last several nights have shown he is not the one in charge because clearly decisions are being made at a higher level in the state and there has been a continuation of a military approach to “civil disorder”.

As one young woman put it so succinctly, “apartheid is alive and well in America”. This from a woman the victim there in Missouri experiencing it. No abstract pronouncements from outside pundits.

Will our Nation, its People, stop for a moment from their diversions and entertainments and commit to confronting this injustice? If they don’t express their disgust with the tactics of military style, overwhelming force upon the citizens of a small town in the middle of America, and allow the controlling apparatus of the 1% set the precedent for future demonstrations in our country, then we will get what we deserve.

A fascist state for a complacent, indifferent citizenry.

Are the controlling henchman sitting back somewhere in a darkened tower above a quiet city street, surrounded by media monitors gathering all the information moment by moment as the police state carries out its instructions gauging whether the response of the People can be boxed in and smothered, whether the Compliant Media can be manipulated to serve the interests of the state apparatus and not that of the People, whether the political machinery and its bought and paid for servile representatives will bend to the will of their benefactors and not support the Constitution they swore to defend against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC?

Wake up, America. Ferguson is Middle America. It’s or city, our town. our Democracy.