As the political shills like Mayor Villaragosa privatize anything not nailed down, from parking meters to schools, teachers, once a professional class of workers are now suffering the Walmartization of their educational production.
I worked as a consultant for the California State Compensation Insurance Fund  for more than ten years.  There is little doubt that an institution born out of the Progrerssive era in 1914 to protect workers, has been smashed and grabbed by privatizers seeking to exploit them as they have always done.
Here is a piece by Rozy Press and her speech at Governor Jerry “dismantling public education’ Brown Workers Comp boot camp on April 16, 2012.
This is what I said on Monday, April 16, 2012 at Gov. Brown’s Worker’s Comp Forum in Los Angeles.
MY TALK at Gov. Brown’s LA WC Forum
My name is Rozy Press
I have a LAUSD, Los Angeles Unified School District, 12 year old Workers’ Comp Case,
It has been an ADMITTED Case since 2002. LAUSD in 2002 awarded me a very hard to get “Act of Violence” meaning I have physical injuries from being attacked. I was sprayed in my face with the toxic chemicals from a fire extinguisher. My students were too. Our noses were closing, our tongues were swelling. My face and skin were burning. I had terrible chest pain and an excruciating headache. I was totally out of it. My muscles felt like mush. And I could hardly speak.
The Principal, Mrs, Charness did follow the proper procedures. The Paramedics were NOT called.  There wasn’t a nurse at school that day. My classroom was never properly cleaned up from the Toxic Chemicals.180 students were exposed to the toxic chemicals for months. LAUSD wanted the student back in my classroom. The school police refused to arrest the student.
I am now TOTALLY DISABLED from being Attacked by my student. I have Documented Physical Injuries from being Attacked- Lung damage, hard to breathe, nodules on my lungs, Fibromyalgia, pain, extreme exhaustion, Black eyes, skin rashes, hard to focus, hard to remember, eat, talk, concentrate, walk and etc. I just had a stroke from the damage caused by the toxic chemicals.
There wasn’t anything wrong with me, no physical/mental or pre existing conditions before the Attack. Documented. I had energy of a hundred people.
LAUSD has paid off unethical doctors to write “unsubstantiated” reports. I do not get the proper medical treatment or even paid! LAUSD’s outside Unethical lawyer is Frank Christine lll who lies about the documented facts and keeps delaying  my case. LAUSD is just waiting for me to die off.
The same school district that has unethical doctors, lawyers and judges in their pocket. Documented.
My case is not what Article 14 Sec  8 of the Ca. Constitution intended my Workers Comp case to be.
I do not get the proper medical treatment or even paid!
Dr, Stalberg gave me a 100% Rating in 2005. My Rating of 100% was lowered by Judge Jerold Cohn and Dr. John Stalberg.
My Trial Judge, VNWCAB  Judge Jerold Cohn was able to make a medical diagnosis-though not a doctor, use Inadmissible Evidence change those facts, change all the facts, add his own facts, change mine and my witness’ testimony, delay my case over and over again, lose records and reports, libel me, malign my character, lowered my Rating and denied my benefits. Thereby, Breaking the Law and Not giving me the proper medical treatment that the law says I’m entitled too. And he made sure I’m Not paid at all. All against the Law.
I Won an Appeal on April 1, 2011. The Appeals Board sent my case back to Judge Cohn for a new Decision. I won because Judge Cohn’s Decision was Not based on substantiated evidence. He based his Decision on Dr. Stalberg’s 2008 “Unsubstantiated” Report.
Judge Cohn decided to try again and he sent his own medical diagnosis, 2 copies no less. It was 2  copies of the Verga  Decision an Axis ll Psychiatric Decision, the WCAB file and all the Trial proceedings which is highly unusual to Dr. John Stalberg. Dr. Stalberg again backed him up even though there wasn’t any substantiated evidence to do so. Judge Cohn didn’t follow what the Judges ordered him to do.
Dr. Stalberg followed Judge Cohn’s “Unsubstantiated” medical diagnosis in his 11/15/2011 Report for $16,770. That’s $700+ a page.
Dr. Stalberg hadn’t seen me, talked to me or examined me for 4 years.
But he wrote a $16,770 Report
I have all the Documented evidence that refutes what Dr. Stalberg reported.
In Dr. Stalberg’s Deposition of Jan. 2012 he admits he didn’t even have all the reports/records. His computer was stolen. He followed Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis and all of Judge Cohn’s “facts”. The facts that Judge Cohn made up. But, still he wrote a $16.770 Report. $700+ a page.
I was a military wife for 21 years, A Hostage, Target and Evacuee out of Iran in 1978 NOT 1979. I’m an American War Hero.
Workers’ Comp is the most Corrupt system I have ever been associated with.
And unless you get rid of all the unethical doctors, lawyers and judges you will never have a fair, honest and just system.
I even called Judge Cohn, Dr Cohn there by mistake. I told them I call Judge Cohn a doctor because he was making a medical diagnosis in my case. And he’s not even a doctor.
I called up to Oakland to the office of Industrial Relations to ask if Judge Cohn could make a medical diagnosis, use Inadmissible Evidence, change all the facts, add his own facts, changed mine and my witness’ testimony, delay my case over and over again, lose records and reports, libel me, malign my character, lower my Rating and deny my benefits.

But, no one could tell me.
Law 1871.4 says that I can’t lie and neither can the judges, doctors and lawyers to take away my benefits.
I wanted to know why they aren’t going to jail.
I complained to the Ethics Advisory Committee. Why didn’t they think what Judge Cohn did was unethical? 2010 Complaint #38? And do something when Judge Cohn was changing the facts and making a medical diagnosis?
My LAUSD 12 year old, Admitted-2002, “Act of Violence” Workers’ Comp Case is went to the Ca. State Court of Appeal. It was there for 4 months the Decision came back Nov. 28, 2012. It was Denied. There wasn’t a reason. And the Judges didn’t sign the Decision. Was my case even READ? More Injustice
My case has now gone to the Ca. Supreme Court. We are all praying they accept my case. If they do and I win it will become New Law that a judge can’t  do what Judge Cohn did to me. Where Judge Cohn made a medical diagnosis and changed all the facts.
I do not receive any money from WC because Judge Cohn lowered my rating with his “Bogus” Medical Diagnosis. I have to sell my home. At times I have had no money for food or to pay my bills. All the while my health is deteriorating. I just pray I’ll be alive for the Decision.
LAUSD has spent millions of dollars on my case to win. Always hoping I get sicker, lose my health, home, possession and life. And now they are hoping I just die off.
Thank you,
Rozy Press
C 818 631-0513
Wish I would had more time to mention that the Ca. Workers’ Comp system is a Billion dollar business for Insurance Companies, unethical doctors, lawyers and judges. It just draws them in like a magnet.The Injured Worker is just the victim they use so they can make all their money.
The Injured Worker usually dies from the lack of proper medical care, not being paid properly or at all. They never follow the Workers’ Comp Laws. News of an Injured Worker dying, is reason enough for the Insurance Co. personnel to party. They celebrate the fact that the Injured Worker has died. And they don’t have to spend anymore money on them.
Dr. Alvin Markovitz examined me with a stethoscope for Fibromyalgia. No Professional, Board Certified Doctor uses a stethoscope to exam for Fibromyagia. They use their fingers. Judge Cohn and Dr. Stalberg used Dr. Markovitz’ Report as the final authority on Fibromyalgia.
Many teachers that have been attacked are now with my lawyer, Clint Feddersen. I’m the one that started with him. I highly recommend him.  He is my 5th attorney.
His # is 818 981-9960.
Anything else you want to know Please let me know.
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