Everyone is talking about the employment rate, the unemployment rate, and consumer spending.  Census takers are laid off.  People quit looking for jobs that are not there.  Unemployment benefits are being eliminated for millions of unemployed.  There is talk of the recovery being bumpy and slow.  The housing market is worse off than it has ever been.  The “multiplier,” The mechanism that turns a dollar spent here, into another dollar spent there just isn’t working because NO one has any money.

Well, that isn’t exactly true.  60% of the nation’s wealth, held by 5% of our population, is sitting in investments that are making the 5% richer but not moving the economy much.  The 5%  apparently have all the widgets they need for the moment.  As more and more of the wealth accumulates in the hands of fewer people, the life of the poorer people (your life) will get worse and worser.  That is because the only thing that improves the life of the poor is the various stimulus packages that have been passed by the government.  These programs are about to be slashed.  The economy will inevitably continue to fail.

You people who are currently marginally employed have been convinced by the 5%, that the fault lies with the people who get Social Security, Medicare, and Hispanics who are working here illegally.  You poor working stiffs can’t see that the real reason you are working so hard is not because the old people and the wet-backs are taking all the money, but rather that the 5% have taken all the money.  The 5% club has managed to get you, who have hardly anything, to hate the people who have nothing, while they (the 5%) quietly live their life of luxury.

Now, one of those talking heads of the 5%, John Boehner, is telling the working stiffs that they can’t quit working until they are 70.  Worse, you actually believe him.  And whom do you blame?  Oh yeah, the old people and the wet-backs, right?

Think of it this way, If even only thirty to fifty percent of the wealth that is currently held by that 5% Club was redistributed into your hands, you would be spending it.  People would get new jobs. more people would spend money and even more people would get new jobs.  We would be better.  That $700,000,000,000 (that came out of your taxes) that went to the banks  should have gone to you.  If it had we would not be in this mess.  Instead, it went to the 5% Club and we are even worse off than we were before.

Well folks, if I wasn’t about to be dragged along with your bleating baah, baah, baah acceptance of whatever the 5% tell you, I would say that you deserve what you are about to get.  But, I don’t, so I am asking you to wake the fraq up and tell these tea bagging SOBs and the like to get out of town.  Take your country back while you still have a voice.  Whatever you do, do not give the country back to those SOBs who created this mess in the first place!