A guy I do not often read, at the N Y Times, wrote an op-ed piece, The Unready Republicans, about the lack of a Republican plan, despite their claim of wanting to get the reins back for the last four years.  The fact is that they don’t have anything new to offer.  All they have are the same failed plans that brought on this mess we are in—supply side economics with “trickle-down” and tax cuts for the very rich.  That is not, surprisingly, what I am tired of hearing.  The Republican’s claimed that the Democrats did nothing to get us out of the hole we are in.

…all it took was a 9.6 unemployment rate and an unpopular liberal majority to bring them [Republicans] roaring back.

The Democrats never had a “liberal majority.”  Given the Blue Dog Democrats” and a couple of “Southern Democrats,” the Democrats could not get anything through Congress unless they could cobble together a couple of votes from the other side of the aisle.  By the time they did, the measures were so watered down they were basically ineffective.  There was no public option in health care and the stimulus package was way too small to make a difference.

So, now we have a Republican House.  Good luck with that.  At a time when we need Americans all pulling together, we have Republicans doing everything they can to cause Obama to fail.  The Republicans have the house but they want no part of the responsibility for the disaster that they are going to push for in the next two years.

Newt Gingrich took power in 1994 claiming a mandate and brandishing a list of legislative priorities, but Boehner has kept his cards closer to the vest. “It is the president who sets the agenda for our government,” he told supporters on Tuesday night — not the kind of statement, to put it mildly, that leading Republicans issued in ’94.

The Republicans are going to be very careful to make sure the focus remains on the President, while they work against him (us).

There should be NO CHANGE in White House policy.  The people who voted against Democratic policies were 1) the same old Republicans who voted against them in ’08, and 2) independents who are not old enough to know better.  The rest of us voted for Democrats because we knew what was at stake or we didn’t vote because we thought that Obama was already to far Right to be “right.”  The worse thing Obama could do is to become more centrist.  He needs to do what he was elected to do—Change.  He needs to work for the Middle Class.  We need a stimulus package that will make a difference.  Once the economy (the middle class) gets back to work we can worry about balancing the budget.