President Obama once pledged to end controversial trials of terrorism suspects, but now that he is in command, he has reversed his old promises from the campaign trail and has announced plans to revive the Bush-era military commissions system. These Kangaroo Courts have been denounced world  wide. Human Rights groups are outraged about the renewal of trials that have been viewed as tainted, and described as a dismal failure and a tragic mistake. The trials are not a ‘mistake’ they are a crime. Under the commissions system, military officials have obtained only three convictions in eight years of Bush. Charges are pending against 21 suspects and there are trial plans for 200 other detainees. The US administration contends that revisions in the process will improve the system by banning evidence obtained through coercion and restrict the outrageous use of hearsay evidence. These revisions are widely seen as cosmetic by law critics. Human Rights advocates say that there is nothing the administration could to change the military trial of detainees imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay torture camp to make them appear fair.


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Obama to Renew Military Tribunals


-Bill Gibbons

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