This started with a young kid on my local NPR station discussing whether we can afford to consider tightening safety requirements on nuclear power stations because the requirements may make them to expensive to build.  The stations we have were built to withstand what we thought, at the time, would be the worst possible scenario.  Right.  Well, I think we have turned the page on that one.

I do not know if the commentator could hear himself, but what I heard was we cannot build them because we cannot afford to make them as safe as they need to be.  Like that ever stopped any of them.  Knowing that, I thought I would see if there were any stations near my new house and how save it is.  Well it is 50 miles away and not all that safe.

JOSEPH M. FARLEY NUCLEAR PLANT - NRC Violation based on the failure to follow station maintenance procedures related to the use of extension cords and a loss of RHR.

[This is not someone using an extension cord to power the staff coffee pot, this is serious….]

The finding is more than minor because it adversely affected the equipment performance attribute of the MS cornerstone objective of ensuring the availability, reliability, and capability of systems responding to initiating events preventing undesirable consequences (i.e. core damage).

Additionally, as of 1995, this plant has produced 708 tons of nuclear waste and they are still making it.  The feds have finally figured out that using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste storage facility would only poison the potable water source of five stated and is not really appropriate for the storage of nuclear waste.  So, no solution to waste yet, and 16 years later they are still making it.

Or, while we are trying to make up our minds, maybe Mother Nature has a solution.  What would have happened if that mile wide, f4 tornado had hit the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant?  Would their back-up power have withstood that force?  Would they really have been able to keep the core from going critical?  And about those tons of waste, are they safe?  Talk about a dirty bomb.  I think we are done here.