I just received this from “Move On.”  It is about the corporations taking over our country.  It is about them re-electing the person who almost killed the healthcare bill single-handedly.  As it is, she is NO liberal

“With Bill Halter rising in the polls and attracting an outpouring of grassroots support, Senator Blanche Lincoln is now resorting to vicious personal attacks.

She just sent a mailing to voters across Arkansas implying that Halter is addicted to prescription drugs, and has falsely accused him of outsourcing jobs to India.1

These charges are absurd, and a pathetic attempt by Sen. Lincoln to distract voters from her own performance in Washington. As a columnist for the Arkansas News put it: ‘It’s Blanche, actually, who has a public record that is obliging to multi-national corporations and drug companies.’2

But Lincoln’s got millions of dollars to put behind these attacks, and worse yet, there are now reports that ‘corporate interests are talking among themselves about producing independent attack ads on Halter.’3

So Bill Halter needs the resources to fight back. There are only 12 hours left until the big fundraising deadline, and we’re within reach of raising $500,000 in the final week. Can you fulfill your pledge of $50 for Democratic primary challenges by donating to Bill Halter’s campaign today?

Are you ready to outspend corporate America?  No, I didn’t think so.  You [we] couldn’t even if we wanted to.  But, if you want to try, please do not let me stop you.  If we won, we would be lucky with programs to just break even.  If they win, they win big time and, of course, we lose big time.  That is the dynamic that the latest Supreme Court decision has set up.

It is time to turn out those justices who voted for granting corporations the right to take over our elections.



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