Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, all have one thing in common.  A huge percentage of their population has been oppressed by a minuscule elite.  Beyond high unemployment opportunities and low wages, I readily admit to knowing little of their plight.  However, if it includes policies that produce prodigious numbers of homeless, reduced or impossible access to education, wanton disregard for their health and well being, and ever increasing food and energy costs then their conditions cannot be much different than what we are facing here at home.

I actually heard a woman call into NPR yesterday, who labeled herself a conservative Republican, who called Social Security a welfare program and said it should be eliminated.  That is what the Tea Party wants to do.  All of their so called budget cuts will only cut programs that help the poor while making millions more (government workers) unemployed and, well, poor.  Oh, yeah, they also want to reduce unemployment benefits.  They claim they want to reduce the deficit while they give a huge tax cut to the very people who can afford it the most.

How much more will the people here take?  If the Tea Party gets what it wants; if Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, or Rick Snider get what they want, what will happen?  I have seen people in gun shops arming them selves with banana-clipped assault weapons.  Will the (our?) government respond like Cairo or Tripoli?   Will the people in this country respond like the folks in Egypt or like the rebels in Libya?  How far are we?