There is actually an organization, a large effort to tell people what national media isn’t.  What is wrong with this picture?  News that isn’t.  Where is uncle Walter when we need him?

This country has been at war now for ten years.  TEN YEARS folks, what is up with that?  Worse, we are not at war with a country, we are at war with an idea.  You cannot fight ideas with bullets.  Even an idiot could figure that out, why can’t we?

As many people in the military are committing suicide as are being killed by the “enemy.”  The enemy, by the way, is just as strong now as when we started, in spite of the trillions we have thrown at this war.  WORSE, the Republican/Tea-baggers, who are complaining about government spending, have no qualms about showering this war effort with tax $$$.  They only complain when tax dollars are used to take care of Americans.  These schmucks want to return to the failed economic policies that allowed them to loot the country and the middle class for the last decade.

I just read in the NY Times, that we have lost 91,000 jobs to China.   Well, I have got one word for you.  Think “PRISONS.”  We have over 2,000,000 people in prisons in this country.  Did you know that these people have jobs?  They do.  Corporations, in this country, are out-sourcing jobs to prison labor.  According to one source, U.S. prison labor produces $2,400,000,000.00 (that’s 2.4 billion dollars) in goods and services annually.  The national media has everyone hating China and the Hispanics, the East Indians and Philippinos for taking jobs.  Meanwhile, prisoners are making jeans, eye glasses, taking airline bookings, even working for credit card companies, and more.

What is worse, the profit from this work goes to the prisons. They pay the prisoners pennies on the dollar and then they charge the prisoners for their “up keep.”  This is like the growers charging the farm workers a high rent for the caves they “let” them live in, for the food they buy at the company store.  Even more, years ago the state of California passed a law that prohibited prisoners from claiming unemployment benefits when they are discharged from prison.

There is a real conflict of interest here to keep prisons full, to make sure there is a never-ending supply of cheap labor.  So, when you lose your job and break the law to feed your family and end up in prison, you will at least have a job.  You just won’t be able to send any money home.  Think about this when you hear someone talk about the job the Mexican stole from you.

The Republican/Tea-baggers will tell you there is no difference between them and the Democrats, but they are RUNNING on those DIFFERENCES and those differences will damn you if you do not vote.  They are making these claims to stimulate apathy, while they churn up their numbers.  The media will not urge you to vote.  They don’t want you to vote.

Unless you want to end up with one of those prison jobs you better vote and vote like your life depends upon it.  It does.