Somebody wrote a column about toxins and autism in this country.  In 1943 hardly anyone in this country had ever heard of it.  Now it affects almost 1% of our children.  There was a small flurry of letters and the topic disappears from our consciousness for another millennia.

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We have corporations that make chemicals that kill just about everything, including us.  How about the astronomical increase in breast cancer?  Do you know of ANYBODY who has not been directly affected by it?  I cannot help but think that chemicals that we put into the ground, our water, our food, and the very air we breathe contributes to these things.  And we do nothing.

As prevalent as it is, however, in 2005 there were more women killed by accidents (unintentional injury) than by breast cancer.   An even bigger killer is heart disease, by a factor of eight.  EVERYONE knows someone directly touched by breast cancer and eight times as many women were killed by heart disease than by breast cancer.

Meanwhile we debate the entitlement to health care.  People can barely afford it here.  Every other civilized country in the world provides their citizens with health care.  For them it is a basic right, like education.  We have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality of all the developed nations in this world.  We owe that to our health care system.

The easiest, most effective means of providing health care to everyone would be to expand Medicare to cover everyone.  Put it into the basic figures for income tax. Everyone earning would pay for it.  Those who cannot pay for it would be subsidized.  Yes, subsidized.  We do that anyway, but this way they get preventative treatment, which is far cheaper than doing it the way we do it today.

By expanding Medicare we immediately reduce the cost of health care by 30%, the profit that the health insurance companies skim off the top of your payments.  Another immediate cost savings would be in the Doctor’s offices.  Their billing would be immediately simplified.  They would have only one payer to bill and they wouldn’t have to figure out whether the patient coming through the door could afford treatment.

Would it be expensive?  Well, yes it would.  BUT, would it be more expensive than what we have now?  NO, it wouldn’t.  Do the math.  Everyone would have preventative care.  Lots of problems we treated last year would not occur next year.  Then there are the hidden costs of the current health care system.  There is lost productivity by people who cannot afford to see a doctor.  There are the costs of people losing their homes due to the lack of coverage.

Stop fraqing around.  Call your congressional reps today.  Tell them to expand Medicare to cover everyone.  It is time to do something NOW.  This is probably the last chance you are going to get.  We will never again get this close.