As companies are trying to scale back business costs in this dismal economy, the already suffering workforce in this country are slowly losing their health care.  I’m not even going to mention the ridiculous amount of people in this county without health care.  With an unemployment rate reaching 10% in CA and 8% nationally, more and more of us will either not be getting the care that we need, or we will be paying hospital bills for the rest of our lives.  We must save health care. 

Some Fear Window Is Narrow for Healthcare Overhaul

Economy dominates on Capitol Hill

by Lisa Wangsness

WASHINGTON - Mindful of how delays sapped the political will to overhaul healthcare during the Clinton administration, health advocates hoped to get a major bill during the new administration’s first 100 days. Now, it looks like it will take longer, and some observers fear that a historic opportunity could be missed.

“The waters are very perilous, and whether the healthcare boat can traverse them given everything else that is going on, is, I think, very much an open question,” said Robert Reischauer, president of the Urban Institute and the head of the Congressional Budget Office during the Clinton administration.