I met a young lad at a Thanksgiving dinner party.  He is a newly graduated, unemployed architect.  He is living in an as yet unfinished attic of an artist’s studio.  In exchange for finishing it, he gets to live there for $75/month.  Access is by a ladder.  That doesn’t sound too bad.  The only problem with it is that he suffered a “bucket handle tear” of his right medial meniscus.  In other words, he tore a cartilage in his knee.  I recommended that he apply right away for Medicaid.  I am hoping it will retroactively cover his last visit to the ER where he was diagnosed.  I recommended a good physical therapist and I am curious to see how this plays out.

That there might be help for him eased his mind a bit.  It should not even be a question.  In any other developed country it wouldn’t be.  It was particularly noteworthy to me that I learned of it on Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of people less fortunate than I and for what they were giving “thanks” that day.  All the banks are celebrating, having been bailed out by taxpayers.  But, do they appreciate their good fortune?  I don’t think so.  If they did, then they couldn’t inflict such misfortune on others.  I mean, how could they?  I’m just curious.

I got to thinking, the other day, why are there so many foreclosures?  I thought the thing with the bail out was that the banks, which were heavily invested in repackaged, sub-prime real estate loans, were paid off at face value with taxpayer dollars.  If the loans were paid off, then why are the banks foreclosing?  I remember reading that some people are beating foreclosures by checking to see if whomever it was that bought the repackaged loan ever bothered to register their ownership of the note against the property with the county clerk having jurisdiction.  Most didn’t.  So if the banks sold these notes and they were not registered or they were paid off, how are the banks foreclosing?  I’m just curious.

In addition to the real estate fiasco, the banks are charging usurious rates and adding all kinds of fees.  Congress, in righteous indignation, passed strict regulations to take effect in a year.  So why, if congress realized how heinously the banks were treating their borrowers, would they set a year’s delay on their regulations taking effect?  I’m just curious

I read the other day that China is going to open a factory, in this country, to produce solar panels.  Toyota is building cars in this country and is leading the pack in selling them.  How come other countries can come here and manufacture things profitably but our own companies have to outsource all their work to other countries- especially, when we bring the products that have been outsourced back to this country, they are dangerous to us in many ways because the Chinese who made them were unscrupulous?  I’m just curious.

I have trouble wrapping my head around big numbers.  I have heard it costs us  $1,000,000 a year to put a soldier in Afghanistan.  I also heard we might be placing another 30,000 soldiers over there on top of the 68,000 we already have there.  That figure doesn’t even include all the “private military contractors” we are paying to be there.  Their costs are well over $1,000,000 a year because they are paid way more than our own military.  But, not to get sidetracked, how much is thirty thousand million?  My calculations say it is $30,000,000,000 or 30 billion dollars.  That would buy a lot of health care.  “They” say we can’t add healthcare to the federal budget unless we can find a way to pay for it.  How to they plan to pay for the increase in this war?  I’m just curious.